Each teacher has been intentionally selected to be your guides through these workshops for their unique mastership in select areas of practice. They all have tremendous backgrounds in both education and life experience. The teachers’ experiences range from working in corporate America to the art of surviving a “dark night of the Soul” and everything in between! Their diversity and varied experiences give them the passion for sharing with and teaching others, as well as personal continued learning. They all approach life with open minds and hearts and are dedicated to helping people find their own authentic path.

“Each of us recognizes there is not just one path to the Divine; that each person’s path is as unique as they are. Through sharing our stories and the tools that help us grow and advance, we are hopeful that it begins to shine light on your own path, igniting your inspired life fully lived!”

Elizabeth Rouse

Elizabeth Rouse is the creator and host of the EnlightenMeTM workshop series. She is a talented intuitive and teacher of the mind. She will tell you that she is “Spiritually Aroused” and hopes to help others as they awaken during this time of great change.

Elizabeth will be your teacher in FindingMe, providing Tea Leaf Readings and Intuition Development in a Co-Creation class. In KnowingMe, Elizabeth will introduce you to the workings of the mind and the patterning that life creates. With skill and non-judgment, she will walk you through dissolving those patterns to become free of the ego, which leads to enlightenment. Finally in BeingMe, Elizabeth will take you deeper into your mind, giving you the tools to free yourself and find a more authentic way to be.


Philip Young, PhD

Yes, his PhD is real. A graduate from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG); his PhD is in English. In a fit of boredom between his BS and MS degrees he picked up a tarot deck and began making extra cash doing readings for people. After achieving his PhD and knowing that his History/English degrees were unlikely to pay the bills, he taught himself web design and worked as the Webmaster for UNC’s School of Government until the birth of his daughter in 2005. He assumed the role of being a stay-at-home dad, and that almost killed him (literally). To cope, he turned to studying Astrology where he found insight and relief from depression. Philip has published a book and a tarot deck, Astrology Unlocked and Tarot of the Human Experience. In this workshop Philip will be teaching you the key themes in your personal Astrology throughout the workshop series and will cover divination tools in the FindingMe workshop.


Magdalena Young

Magdalena has transplanted from Johannesburg, South Africa to Cary, NC and has been a student of Astrology since her teenage years.  She studied Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria, and had an awareness of parallel dimensions, together with a near death experience, prompted her to explore the psychology and religion sections of the university library absorbing anything esoteric, especially mythology and symbolism as contained in religious art iconography.    She leverages her thirst for knowledge and her creative mind to bring a truly unique approach to her teachings and readings.   Carl Gustav Jung’s work with occult and religion and having a  background in illustrative design, technical drawing and sacred geometry, come in very handy in teaching astrology.  She has also studied Tarot, Feng Shui, Mysticism and the link between Astrology and the Kabbalah. Past lives and dream integration are also part of her work.   Throughout her life, Heiltje has been a “student/teacher”,  seeking the logical corresponding patterning between the unseen world of the psyche and the physical reality of our daily lives.


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